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Pablo Accuosto, from SendasAL in Uruguay, has developed a module for the popular Drupal CMS to showcase IDS Knowledge Services content of thematically organised and hand selected academic research on poverty reduction in the developing world that is freely available to access online.

The module allows the administrator to select document content, organisations, countries, regions and taxonomy terms from either Eldis or BRIDGE, and import or display this information in a Drupal site. Once set up, this module will automatically bring in new content to your site whenever it is added to the Eldis or BRIDGE websites.

There are two IDS modules; IDS Import and IDS Views.

IDS Import

This module enables the periodic importing of  content into Drupal’s database. IDS documents and organisations are imported as Drupal nodes, while IDS regions, countries, themes (and also keywords and authors) are imported as Drupal taxonomy terms. Content and terms can also be imported manually.

IDS Views

This module allows to query the IDS collection of documents and organisations and display them using the Drupal Views module.

Download the plug in forDrupal

Github logo IDS KS API Drupal module on Github.

Example installations:

SendasAL websiteSendasAL have installed the module and are featuring Spanish language content on their Latin America focussed gender information portal.

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Access the API
Access the API directly through your web browser. Please note that you will need to have registered to access the data
Download a plug in, module or widget
Download a plug in, module or widget to automatically import or display the latest development research to your content management system or website: