Linked data wrapper developed for the IDS KS API extended to include IATI API

The latest Development Data Challenge was held in Helsinki, Finland, as part of the Open Development topic stream at Open Knowledge Festival. The challenge aimed to use data to answer a number of development questions.

Victor de Boer and Christophe Gueret attended and used the challenge to extend their Linked Data wrapper, that they had designed for the IDS KS API, to include the IATI (OIPA) API. The wrapper enables RDF and HTML outputs of  IATI API queries and provides 5-star linked open data for the organisations and project details contained in the International Aid Transparency datasets on aid and project spending.

By extending the Linked data wrapper to include other datasets, it provides an insight into what might be achieved by using linked data in the development sector. We, at IDS Knowledge Services, hope to build on this to see if we can make connections between government spending on aid, with projects on the ground and research or evaluation outputs from these projects that may be held in our datasets.

Here is the second version of the Linked Data wrapper.

More details about the Helsinki Development Data Challenge can be found in this article in Le Monde.


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